Kadija the WonderWomen

When I read the buzzfeed article back at 2016 about Brock Allen Turner, I absolutely hated him. The things he did to the victim, killed me inside to rape someone so badly and leaving them as if the victim won’t ever wake up. I was outraged and angry so angry, and question our gender issue. […]

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Failing is the most alright thing. It is most blissful time when numbness comes over and you just accept you failed and it’s the most calm moment when you learn to accept it and once you do it. Between high time of anxiousness of denial, you learn to admit your problem and learn to move […]

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Hiding under the bed, what do you see? I rather imagine myself a solace world where I am just running, I run fast and faster almost like the trees feels like air passing by, I look for peace in that imagination. Running to my own home that I built myself. The home maybe damage broken […]

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For your Entertainment

  For your Entertainment, You called me up to tell me that I was a hypocrite, making me feel like poison For your Entertainment, You tell people to do their best so just so you can call them too much, For you Entertainment, World was just a chess game, moving one piece by piece to […]

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What’s wrong? It seems like you are changing, is it something disturbing you? Is it your family, friend or something more personal?. Why Yes, it was personal. It seemed to me the most personal person was me and I can’t find her, she is there somewhere. She is confused , betrayed but she is still […]

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Home Away from Home

This is most likely a reference to my future self. I just realized that I exist in the world where it is okay to be selfish but the idea never settled until this year where all these things I do , I do it for my own and tried to rely on that single comfort […]

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