What’s wrong? It seems like you are changing, is it something disturbing you? Is it your family, friend or something more personal?. Why Yes, it was personal. It seemed to me the most personal person was me and I can’t find her, she is there somewhere. She is confused , betrayed but she is still […]

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Home Away from Home

This is most likely a reference to my future self. I just realized that I exist in the world where it is okay to be selfish but the idea never settled until this year where all these things I do , I do it for my own and tried to rely on that single comfort […]

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It was a moment when everything fells apart, the bit and pieces that decide your life worth standing for , screwed up. I think it is exact moment where the last sob is in need of breathe, as if you realize that you are a living being breathing oxygen and in need to get all […]

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